Increase vaccine output: PM

Narendra Modi on Tuesday called on vaccine manufacturers to increase production to vaccinate people in the shortest possible time and promised to provide all possible assistance and a simple approval process for vaccines with clinical trials.

“During this process of making and producing the vaccine, the country has continued to work with the spirit of public-private partnership under the protection of Mission Covid, and Modi said in an exchange of views with the vaccine manufacturers,” Modi said on Tuesday. “The government has ensured that not only will all vaccine manufacturers receive all possible assistance and logistical support, but the vaccine approval process has also become faster and more scientific.”

So far, India has urgently approved the use of Kovachield Institute of India, Kovacin of Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech and Sputnik vaccine of Russia.

The Prime Minister said the improved infrastructure of the private sector has played a major role in the country’s fight against COVID-19, and in the days to come, the private sector will play a more active role in the vaccination drive. “This will require better coordination between hospitals and industry,” Modi said.

Vaccine manufacturers have welcomed the government’s decision to increase vaccine eligibility for all adults and encourage increased production.

Faced with criticism for conducting a second wave of Covid-1 of, the central government on Monday allowed everyone over the age of 18 to be vaccinated from May 1. The government allows vaccine manufacturers to supply half of their production directly to the state government and the open market.

The government said the state government and manufacturers would have to announce in advance the prices that would be available in the open market.

“Based on this price, the state government, private hospitals, industrial companies, etc. will be able to procure vaccine doses from manufacturers. The only 50% that is supplied to private hospitals other than the Government of India channel is to provide them with the Covid-19 vaccine. Private vaccinators will transparently announce the price of self-set vaccinations, ”said the Union Ministry of Health.

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