Kerala CM Vijayan says differences between Congress and BJP are ‘shrinking’

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan Citing a grant from Congress leaders for the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya on Tuesday, he said the differences between the Congress and the BJP were “narrowed”.

“The gap between the Congress and the BJP is narrowing. Digvijay Singh did it (donated for the construction of the Ram temple). A Congress MLA (in Kerala) did it too. The Congress needs to understand that the move is tantamount to accepting it.” .

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Drawing on the ongoing protests against the back door appointment, the Kerala Chief Minister said: “We have seen the door-to-door campaigns, including with the former chief minister. The answer is statistics to tell the truth.”

“The Public Service Commission (PSC) has released a list of 4012 ranks in the last 4 years and 7 months of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government. The latest United Democratic Front (UDF) government has only a list of 3113 ranks in the same period. .

Referring to the numbers, he said that 13,6225 people were recruited in the police during the LDF government. “The last UDF government recruited 4,7991 people during the same period. LD Clark recruited 19,120 people during the 19-20-201 period. It was 17,711 people during the 2011-11 period. Has been recruited, ”he said. Victory.

Complaints of backdoor appointments (including any employee without following the prescribed procedure) have been gaining momentum in Kerala over the past few days.

Opposition parties have alleged that R Ninita, wife of former CPI (M) member MB Rajesh, was illegally appointed as an assistant professor at Sanskrit’s Sri Sri Sankaracharya University in Kaladi. Since then they have been protesting against the appointment.

The Chief Minister, however, said that the state government was committed to provide opportunities to all and fill the vacancies in a timely manner.

He said, “The LDF government has decided to appoint qualified people on transparent criteria. This government has not only been left in the PSC and has fixed jobs for more than ten years.”

“UDF leaders have been campaigning for permanent recruitment of more than 300,000 temporary workers. It is not known where such a figure came from. The total number of employees in the state is 5,26,231. Then they need to clarify where such figures come from.” Come on, ”he added.

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