Lockdown in Delhi is not considered; Other options open: Gopal Rai

New Delhi : Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Roy on Tuesday said the AAP government was not considering imposing a lockdown and was looking for other alternatives.

He added that the central government should stop exporting the coronavirus vaccine and open the door to all.

“The Delhi government is exploring all options and concepts. Night curfew has a role to play in curbing the spread of coronavirus … but the government is not completely dependent on it,” the minister told a news conference.

“We are not considering implementing a lockdown. I believe we can test this expansion through other options,” he said.

Roy said the central government should open the vaccine to all to keep the situation under control.

“It is unfortunate that the center has set the standard for vaccinating our own people, on the other hand when it comes to exporting vaccines,” he said.

The Delhi government has imposed a night curfew in the national capital from 10:30 pm on Tuesday to 30 April in connection with the COVD-19 case.

According to the Delhi Health Department, 3,544 new records were recorded in the new town on COVID-19 on Monday, and 15 more people died of the infection, according to the Delhi Health Department.

According to an official, the decision regarding the night curfew has been taken in the wake of the growing case of COVID-19 in Delhi.

The case positivity rate in Delhi has also risen to 5.54 per cent in the last few weeks amid a surge in cases.

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