Mamata Banerjee has termed the suspension of RS MPs as a reflection of the government’s authoritarian mentality.

Calcutta : The TMC on Monday condemned the dismissal of eight Rajya Sabha MPs, with its leader and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee calling the move a reflection of the government’s “authoritarian mentality”.

Accusing the BJP of killing democracy, the Trinamool Congress chief announced that he would fight the “fascist” government in parliament and on the streets.

“It is unfortunate that the suspension of 6 MPs who fought for the interests of the peasantry is a reflection of the dictatorial government’s mentality without respecting democratic norms and principles. We will not bow our heads and we will fight this fascist government in Parliament and on the streets,” he tweeted. .

The ruling BJP termed the decision to suspend MPs, including TMC leader Derek O’Brien, in the Rajya Sabha as undemocratic and said, “Parliament cannot be allowed to turn into a law and order jungle.”

In the Rajya Sabha, TMC chief whip Sukhendu Shekhar Roy expressed frustration with the way the upper house was being run.

“Yesterday, the voices of the opposition were further shaken by the promise of this illegality, as some of them have been suspended for the rest of the current session,” Roy said in a statement.

He said if the constitutional authority violated the rules, it would be detrimental to Indian democracy.

“If the constitutional authorities, in this case, the deputy chairmen of the upper house of parliament, act in accordance with their selfishness and curiosity in violation of the rules of the prescribed system of parliamentary democracy and their detriment, the country is destined to collapse, if not fascism,” he said.

“All classes of people must condemn this national development in the ‘temple of democracy’,” Roy said.

As the two farm bills passed, a continuous scene was witnessed in the House by members of the opposition. Senior TMC leaders and Lok Sabha MPs Mahua Maitra and Saugata Roy also condemned the moratorium, saying the decision was “undemocratic and a violation of the prescribed procedure”.

“Farm bills are not with respect to parliamentary rules and procedures through bulldozed voice voting in the RS. The BJP did not have numbers – why was the division of the opposition denied? Indians need to wake up to this – Parliament cannot become a lawless jungle!” Friend tweeted.

“After suspending democracy and rule of law, the BJP is suspending the opposition from Parliament!” He added.

Roy said opposition voices in parliament were being “confused”.

The two main farm bills, described by the government as the biggest reforms in agriculture, were passed by the Rajya Sabha on Sunday amid scenes of chaos by members of the opposition, who demanded that they be sent to a House panel for further investigation.

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