Mamata Banerjee was raped by Prime Minister Modi at a Kanthi rally

Returning to West Bengal on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at an election rally in Kanthi, saying, “May 2, Didi Jache, Ashol Poribortan Ache.”

Addressing a rally in Contai, Prime Minister Modi said, “Didi could not answer those who were destroyed first by Amphan and later by TMC’s ‘Tolabaaz’.

Aiming at the Trinamool Congress, PM Banerjee’s party asked Prime Minister Modi, “West Bengal is asking who looted Amphan funds, rations … People affected by Amphan are still suffering. Didi, Bangla wants to know who looted Amphan relief?”

“Why are the amphan-affected people being forced to live under a torn roof? Didi is not seen when the need arises but when the election is approaching, she says ‘government is at the door’. It is their (TMC) game. Even Bengali children understand it.” Prime Minister Modi said at the rally.

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