Mamata has written to Prime Minister Modi seeking adequate supply of COVD vaccine and medicines in Bengal

Calcutta : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide adequate CVID vaccines, medicines and oxygen to the state, which has been the talk of the town.

In a two-page letter to the Prime Minister, Banerjee said that vaccines, drugs and oxygen were the most important means of capturing the second seaweed wave.

Noting that vaccination is of paramount importance in densely populated West Bengal and especially in Kolkata, he lamented, “Unfortunately we have very little and no supply of vaccines from the center, which is negatively affecting our vaccination program.”

Claiming that West Bengal is one of the best performers in the country in terms of vaccination, he said the state is now suffering due to uncertain supply of vials from the Center.

“We need to vaccinate about 2.7 crore people for which we need 5.4 crore doses. We are requesting emergency intervention to ensure that we can meet the vaccine dose requirements on an emergency basis,” he wrote.

He alleged that his government wanted to buy the dose from state funds and had earlier written to the Prime Minister on the matter but had not yet received the “necessary clearance”.

Banerjee also called on Modi to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential medicines to fight the fierce battle against the coronavirus.

“The supply of essential medicines like Ramdacivir and Tokilizumab is extremely rare and uncertain today, which is a matter of grave concern for the doctors here. We need about 6,000 vials of Ramdiciv and one thousand vials of Tokilizumab every day.

“Currently, only 1,000 bottles are available every day and no new supply of Tokilizumab is coming. It is seen that the concerned authorities are continuing their efforts to ensure uninterrupted supply of this much needed medicine as soon as possible,” he said.

Banerjee also requested the Prime Minister to increase the supply of oxygen to the state.

He added, “The country is now dealing with the epidemic and the state is keen to fully expand its resources with the Center to deal with it,” he added.

In West Bengal, where the eight-phase assembly elections are underway, it registered the highest number of 7,113 new cases on Saturday. PTI PNT ACD ACD

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