Ministry of Health receives 89 893.93 crore from PM’s car for 50,000 Make in India ventilators

New Delhi : Was given to the Union Ministry of Health Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan told Parliament on Sunday that he had collected Rs 893.93 crore from Prime Minister Care for the construction of 50,000 ventilators.

As the country’s Kovid-19 situation continues to be discussed in Parliament on Sunday, the health minister said the government has listed the measures it has taken to deal with the epidemic.

The NCP MP asked the Center why we are reporting around one lakh cases every day if India is not at the community transmission stage.

The health minister said that from March 16 to March 23, most state governments imposed partial or complete lockdowns.

The health minister said the crowd curfew was an innovative idea to prepare the country for an epidemic and to determine the significance of dealing with the disease.

The health minister recalled his earlier statement in which he explained how he had prevented lockdown in lawsuits and deaths in a scientifically independent study.

The health minister also mentioned that the government had repatriated more than 1.2 million Indians stranded in other countries through the India Mission in Van.

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury noted that the effects of the epidemic could have been better mitigated. He slammed our central government saying that they have done everything in mismanagement since the epidemic hit the country. Chowdhury also highlighted the lack of information on Kovid’s death among healthcare professionals, saying that India had one of the highest number of deaths of doctors during the epidemic.

He also complained that such cases remained unchanged in the country.

NCC MP Amal Ramsingh Kolhe argued that if this community is going on in the country. The government continues to praise itself for its high recovery and low mortality rate, but about 90,000 people have died from the coronavirus.

The government has ignored the deaths due to clashes and deaths among migrant workers and their families, Kolhe said.

I would like to ask the Minister of Health if there is a community transmission in India. If the answer is yes, then it proves that all the policies of the government have failed. If the answer is no, then how come there are around one lakh new cases every day, the NCP MP added.

DMK’s Dayanidhi Meran said India first saw the Corona incident in Kerala in February. The government should have woken up and closed the border by then. Shashi Tharoor, who shares the WHO, said India has the highest number of daily covid cases and deaths in the world.

Parliament also discussed the Epidemic Disease Amendment Bill, 2020 which was passed by the Rajya Sabha. The bill notes that those who are attacking health workers or doctors who are fighting a coronavirus outbreak or in any case have a situation similar to the current Covid-1p epidemic.

The Lok Sabha has already passed the National Forensic Science University Bill, 2020.

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