MP govt to procure remedic injections for poor patients: CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Remdesivir is considered a key anti-viral drug in the fight against COVID-19, especially in older patients with severe complications.

Chauhan said the state government has decided to set up one KaviID-19 care center in each state so that infected people (whose homes are quarantined) can have small houses there.

He added that private hospitals need to keep testing and treatment rates out of their reach.

At the end of his 24-hour ‘demonstration’, Chauhan announced various measures to spread the coronavirus with the aim of raising awareness among the people about following the COVID-19 prevention guideline.

“During conversations with the public, some of them expressed concern about the cost and availability of remedial injections. So, I have issued a directive that a protocol should be established for its use,” Chauhan said after his “health interest” ended (health request). Hall at the publicity.

As part of the protocol, physicians should determine which patient needs a remedial injection.

“This injection (remedicator) should be administered whenever needed. I have instructed the authorities to procure this injection at the government level to meet the deficit of the companies so that the poor and middle class people can provide this injection free of cost,” he said.

In several places, remedial injections are being run without any need, he noted.

Chauhan said about 4,000 new cases of the coronavirus were found in MP on Wednesday, and said the second wave of viral infections in the state was “infecting strong and whole families”.

A lockdown is the last resort and all other steps should be taken before resorting to it, he said.

The CM said, “I believe that if they adopt the Kavid-appropriate behavior, they can protect them … I want the ‘Mary Protection Mera Mask’ to become a mass movement,” the CM said.

The administration cannot fight this war alone, the society also needs to come forward, he said during his meeting while briefing about his interactions with religious leaders and social workers across the state.

Chauhan said 34,000 people have registered as ‘volunteers’ to help with the vaccination process, raise awareness about mask rules and other prevention rules, and help patients with home and institutional compatibility.

The number of Kovid-19 patients is increasing and the state government will increase the availability of beds from the current 24,000 to 336,000. That would include 15,000 beds providing free medical care, he said.

Chauhan said the state government was also taking help in allocating private hospitals and beds there.

In Bhopal, the government is reserving two private hospitals for free treatment of low and middle income people.

Similarly, hospitals in other affected cities in the states will be preserved, he added.

Chouhan said people have also expressed concern over the high rate of treatment in private hospitals.

“The state government has decided that these national hospitals need to show treatment rates and test rates outside their facilities. We need their help. We will take action if such hospitals put more pressure on patients. Now is not the time to make money,” said CM.

He announced the launch of ‘Kill Corona Campaign-2018’ in rural areas of the state, under which house-to-house surveys will be conducted to control the spread of coronavirus.

Chauhan added that a protocol would be prepared for the admission of coronavirus patients to the hospital.

“Those who do not need hospitalization will be isolated at home and monitored twice a day via video call,” he said.

He also said that health officials would visit their patients’ homes and observe them.

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