Piyush Goel instructs officials to focus on remedial measures after train, railway fire

New Delhi : In the wake of recent fires on train and railway premises, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday directed officials to look into fire risk mitigation measures, identify fire safety violations and ensure general caution for passengers smoking on ships.

Nine people, including a railway employee and a fire officer, were killed in a fire on the 13th floor of the Eastern Railway office in Kolkata earlier this month. In another incident, a coach of Dehradun-bound Shatabdi Express caught fire on March 13 in a suspected short circuit case and six days later, the engine of a static freight train caught fire at Ranchi station on Friday.

“Safety remains the focus of railway operations and no one should look at this front. A thorough review and re-examination of all safety measures during train operations should be taken by all concerned,” the minister said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Railways. “Review related meetings.

The meeting was attended by all the board members and general directors of Zonal Railway.

While reviewing the effectiveness of the safety, the barn advised the authorities to take precautionary measures for safety hazards like fire and to ensure alertness for signals and crossings, the statement said.

He asked officials to focus on analyzing the root causes of security breaches and suggested the introduction of safety drives.

Goyal instructed officials to take proactive steps to sensitize passengers against smoking on trains, adding that misguided passengers need to be prevented from posing a risk to others by smoking on trains.

“Strict monitoring is needed to ensure that the materials used to make the coaches can be of the best quality,” he said. ASG RC of PTI

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