Puducherry LG Soundararajan orders examination on assembly floor by 5 pm on Monday

Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Saundararajan ordered a parliamentary floor test on the evening of Thursday 22 February to determine whether the Congress government at the Center gets a majority.

The announcement came after the ruling party’s legislators resigned at a time when its power had waned.

Moreover, Puducherry BJP president V Saminathan today said, “Narayanasamy has lost his majority and his claim to have a majority is false. His government will fall on February 22. All 14 opposition MLAs are in jail.”

In this 33-member meeting, including three nominated MLAs of the BJP, the strength of both the ruling and opposition camps stood at 14. There are five vacancies in the assembly. The Congress, including the Speaker, has ten members of its own force and its ally DMK has three members. An independent also supports the government.

The lieutenant governor told Narayanasamy that the assembly would meet on Monday and would be confined to a “single program, such as the house that the incoming prime minister’s government continues to enjoy.” Voting will be on display and video of the entire event will be filmed, it said. “As per the above guidelines, the floor test will be completed by the evening of 22.02.2011. This activity will not be suspended / delayed or suspended in any way,” it said.

Earlier, Saundararajan took over additional responsibility for the union territory of Puducherry and said he would act as “governor of the people” and in accordance with the constitution.

He said he did not come to Puducherry with any ill intentions, he came to serve the people.

The fifth woman to be appointed Lieutenant Governor at the State House, Soundararajan was sworn in at a public ceremony at the State House, where she was sworn in in Tamil.

He succeeded Kiran Bedi.

Badde Bedi was abruptly removed from the post of Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry on Tuesday, with President Ram Nath Kobind handing over the additional responsibilities of UTT to the Governor of Telangana “as he will be effective from the date of assuming office until regular arrangements of office are made” Lieutenant – Governor of Puducherry ” The time has come for Saundar to take charge of the people when the ruling Congress-led government lost a majority on Tuesday after leaving several of its legislatures, bringing the total to four.

“I am aware of this,” Soundarajan said after receiving a directive from the prime minister to prove his majority on the ground floor of the House in the wake of the ruling party’s loss when his attention was drawn to the opposition’s appeal at LG’s office on Wednesday.

“… I will fully represent the provisions of the constitution,” he said, adding that he would “even hold the scales.” “

Elections will be held in neighboring Tamil Nadu as well as Puducherry by May.

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