Rahul Gandhi is condemning the Center, saying it is attacking small businesses

Academician : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday strongly condemned the Center and said that they were attacking small and medium businesses because he wanted all businesses to be controlled by big corporations.

Speaking to the fishing community in Puducherry, Gandhi said, “The current central government is attacking small and medium businesses because they want all businesses to be controlled by big corporations. Our vision is different. We want to strengthen small and medium businesses because we believe.” That is the strength of this country. “

Gandhi called on the sea as a farmer and expressed his support for the fishing community in Puducherry. He also opposed recently enacted farm laws.

“The Center has passed these three laws against the farmers who are the backbone of this nation. You must be wondering why I am talking to the farmers at the fishermen’s meeting. I consider you as a sea farmer. If land farmers can have a ministry in Delhi, why are sea farmers the same No, “Gandhi asked.

Later, Rahul Gandhi interacted with students at a college in Puducherry.

Gandhi indicated that the Center was trying to destroy the character of the nation by refraining from talking to the students.

“If you are shutting down the country, intimidating people and not talking to them, you are ruining the character and destination of the nation. No young man should be allowed to call anyone into their silence. That is our strength,” Gandhi said.

Speaking about the assassination of his father Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi asserted that he had no anger or hatred towards anyone.

He said: “I have no resentment or hatred for anyone. I lost my father and it was a difficult time for me. I felt great pain.”

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