Smriti Irani buys land in Amethi to build a house for himself, attracted to Rahul Gandhi

AMETHI : Union Minister Smriti Irani on Monday bought a plot of land in Amethi to build a house for himself and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in a clear speech that no MP here has ever made the seat his home.

Without naming names, he said that history has shown that no American MP has ever built a house and lived here. Talking to reporters, he claimed, “The people of Amethi always thought that if their MPs were here after the construction of his house.”

After defeating the then MP Rahul Gandhi, Irani won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Amethi. “During the 2012 Lok Sabha elections, I promised that I would make my home here and do all my work from here. For this I have got land registration, ”he added.

Iranian Amethi bought land in Madan Mawai area of ​​Gauriganj for one taka 12 lakh was registered here on Monday. “I am still living in a rented house here,” he said, inviting people from his constituency during the “Bhumi Pujor” to build his house.

He said he promised to build a bypass road for the city as well as set up a medical college and army school in Amethi. He says he has fulfilled all his promises so far.

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