The Center will continue to provide free vaccines to the states: Harsh Vardhan

Under the new “liberalized and accelerated” policy, effective May 1, to provide Covid-19 vaccine to everyone over the age of 18, the health minister said the government of India would continue to distribute free pricing and that 50% of the vaccines would be administered by states and union territories. There will be.

Harsh Vardhan posted a four-page statement on Twitter saying that the political leaders were doing “unnecessary politics” on the issue and spreading misinformation.

“It was fun to simplify controls and give a free hand to state governments and the private sector when a terrible disease spreads like a tsunami,” Harsh Vardhan said, adding that states now see no reason to complain as they demanded lifting of restrictions on their vaccine supply. “Under the new policy, they have the freedom to collect directly from manufacturers and discuss prices on a volume basis. This will also reduce delays,” the health minister said.

The new strategy gives states a guaranteed channel of centralized vaccine supply, while they can simultaneously procure vaccines directly from manufacturers for which they can negotiate prices on a volume basis, he said.

“It is true that health is a state issue, where the center basically coordinates and assists the states. After he received requests from almost all the states to give the policy of vaccine distribution to the states in liberalization and controls, we decided that we would go ahead. “

Rejecting the Centre’s allegations that the center was getting cheap and vaccines in the state, the health minister said the central government does not give vaccines directly to anyone. “The 50% quota fixed by the Government of India is for free distribution of vaccines and all of them will be distributed only through the states,” he said.

Under the third phase of the national immunization campaign starting next month, vaccine manufacturers will be able to supply 50% of their monthly Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL) doses to the central government and the remaining 50% to state governments and on the open market.

Harsh Vardhan added that there are several states like Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Kerala, Sikkim, West Bengal, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Has announced that they will tap the coronavirus free of charge between the ages of 18 and 45.

He said it was a welcome decision and they had full freedom to do so under the new liberalized policy.

The health minister said the 50% quota was open to the corporate and private sectors to “pool their resources so that Team India can be deployed to vaccinate every adult as soon as possible in a concerted effort”.

Undoubtedly, Vardhan said, the private and corporate sector route would enable a large number of people to get vaccinated quickly outside the public route. In short, those who can afford them at the rate of the private and corporate sectors need to move forward, he said.

“So states, according to their own priorities and commitments, should only vaccinate the remaining people who have not been vaccinated on the GOI free route or through a private route. It is important for the general public to note that the cost of the vaccine is free. There are vaccine options and there will always be. “

“Under the new policy, they have the freedom to collect directly from manufacturers and negotiate prices on a volume basis. This will also reduce delays. I sympathize with the states as they are leading the fight from the front and need to reschedule quickly,” he said. “They need to decide when, how, how much and to whom. The Center has done just that by simplifying the process,” he said.

Certain political leaders who have decided to engage in unnecessary politics on this issue and are spreading misinformation at every step, whether it is about implementation or pricing of vaccines, he urged these political parties to put the success of the vaccination program above all else. Everything else so that “we can save our human lives”.

The Union Health Ministry had earlier said that vaccine manufacturers would have to announce in advance the prices of 50% of the supply that will be delivered to state governments and the open market before May 1.

Bharat Biotech has fixed the price of its Covid-19 vaccine State Government and 600 per dose for this 1,200 per dose for private hospitals. The Serum Institute of India has announced the price The dose for “Covishield” for the states is 400 and 600 per dose for private hospitals. Both vaccines are available from the central government 150 per serving.

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