The Meghalaya government has reduced the price of petrol and diesel by seven dollars

Shillong: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has said that petrol and diesel prices will come down About 7 in the state.

“The price of both petrol and diesel will almost go down Media. This is being done mainly to give some relief to the consumers so that they are not harmed by the high prices, ”said the Chief Minister while talking to media persons.

Indicates that the price of petrol and diesel has reached 91.26 Per liter and 84.23 On every liter in the state, the CM said, “Keeping this in mind and consumers are suffering and despite the fact that the state is facing financial difficulties and the VAT we have collected from petrol and diesel has helped in the difficult times of Kovid-19, the government has decided that We will reduce VAT on petrol and diesel. “

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The government will reduce the VAT on petrol to 3.6..62 percent or less 17.60 per liter or 20 per cent Per 15 liters. “VAT on diesel has been reduced from 22.59 per cent 12.50 per liter to 12 per cent or 9 per liter, ”said Chief Minister Dr.

By reducing VAT, the price of petrol in Shillong will come down From 91.26 7.66 per liter, when the price of diesel will come down From 84.23 He said Rs 79.13 per liter.

Meanwhile, Sangma tweeted: “In addition to previous discounts The Meghalaya government has decided to further reduce the price of petrol per liter By 5.4 per liter and by diesel 5.1 per liter to provide relief to the customers of Meghalaya with slight variation in different districts of the state. ”

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