The only way to spread Kovid, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today said the only way to stop the spread of the Kovid-19 infection was a complete lockdown. “The GOI doesn’t get it. The only way to stop the spread of corona now is to protect NYA for the weaker sections. The GOI’s inaction is killing a lot of innocent people,” Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet.

Later, in another tweet, Gandhi said that he only wanted to make it clear that lockdown was now the only option due to India’s “complete lack of strategy”.

“Instead they actively helped the virus to reach a stage where there is no way to stop it. A crime has been committed against India,” the former Congress chief complained.

Congress has criticized the government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the data updated on Tuesday by the Union Ministry of Health, a total of 3,57,229 people have been infected with Covid-19 in India, costing more than Rs 2 crore, and the death toll has risen to 222,408, an update on Tuesday.

Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi are among the 10 states that account for 1.711 per cent of the new QAIDIDs, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

The list of 10 states includes Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh among other states.

India’s total active caseload reached 34,47,133 and now accounts for 17.00 per cent of the country’s total positive infections.

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