The rule has been simplified for quick duty rebates on treatment devices

New Delhi : The government on Friday relaxed a labeling norm for faster processing of shipments of treatment devices such as nebulizers and oxygen concentrators, an official statement said.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has allowed importers to label selected medical devices after customs clearance for speedy processing of products. However, the label has to be made after customs clearance and before sale.

The terms of the clearance under the legal metrology (Packaging Rules 2011) have since been relaxed.

The relief is available for three months from April 26. Items for which relaxation is available include oxygen canisters, oxygen filling systems, ventilators, nasal cannula devices, and helmets for use with aggressive ventilation.

The statement said that the rapid release of these products in the second wave of Kovid in the country is expected to meet the genuine demand for medical devices. “The Government of India has allowed this flexibility after posting the required treatment devices after custom clearance but before sale,” it said.

Merchants are required to report the import details to the designated officials of the state to which they are imported.

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