There is no plan to conduct NRC exercise in Bengal, CAA will be implemented: Vijaybargia

He said, however, that the party had fled the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and religious persecution in neighboring countries to move to India to seek the rights of refugees.

“We are only waiting for the implementation of the CAA after the election as promised in the manifesto. This is an important issue for us as we seek to grant citizenship to the oppressed refugees. We have no plans to conduct NRC exercises. Even if we win the election,” he said.

According to state BJP sources, the new citizenship law will benefit 1.5 crore people in India, including more than 2 lakh in West Bengal.

Blame it TMC “The 4-year-old leader, in his campaign of chaos against the saffron camp, wondered why the ruling party in the state was opposing the CAA, which could be beneficial to many.

Bengal has a large population of Matuas, who have migrated to the state since the 1950s mainly due to religious persecution. The community has at least four Lok Sabha seats with three million members and 30-40 Assembly seats in Nadia, North and South-24 Parganas.

The TMC hopes that the confusion over the implementation of the CAA will be politically exploited for the Matua people who voted for the saffron camp in the 2015 Lok Sabha elections.

To give gun training to the Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee Regarding the statement that “the Election Commission was working under the direction of the BJP”, Vijayvarjia, who was also the BJP’s Bengal Modern, said the TMC boss did not show any finger on the survey panel while registering his two parties in a row. Electoral victory.

Claiming that Banerjee’s “stupid claim” would not work, he said the TMC was making baseless allegations against the saffron team, feeling defeated.

“Mamata Banerjee never felt that the EC was playing a partial role when she won the election. The irony is that when you won the election, everything seemed fine. When you start feeling defeated, you blame the EC and the electronic voting machine. “She is OK.

Encouraged by the BJP’s conviction that the BJP would win the assembly elections with more than 200 seats, Vijayvarji also denied the inevitability that the party might face difficulties as it did not expect a chief ministerial post in Bengal. .

“We are contesting the elections under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We have never guessed the face of a chief minister in an election-closed state. We have an ideology that, once in power, the legislature will decide the chief ministerial candidate in consultation with top leaders,” he said.

In an interview to PTI, BJP’s Bengal Minder further claimed that the people of the state have been waiting for “Ashol Pariborton” (true change) as they have long been plagued by infiltration, corrupt practices and politics of complacency.

The TMC was the first to give the nickname “Portiberton” during the 2011 assembly elections because they wanted to end 34 years of left rule in the state.

Strongly condemning the Mamata Banerjee camp over the “outsider vs insider” debate, the BJP’s chief strategist in Bengal said there was nothing better to say than the state’s ruling party because of its disastrous performance in the last ten years.

The TMC has identified the BJP as a “party of outsiders” as its top leaders come from other states.

“TMC wants to make an emotional appeal through its ‘Bengal Kanya’ campaign. But I don’t think it will occupy Bengal. It’s 2021, and issues like that haven’t had much of an impact. This ‘external-internal’ debate is gripping, ”he said.

“Corruption has come to the grassroots level and it has angered the people of the state,” Vijayvargiya said, referring to the TMC’s “syndicate culture, complacency politics and politicization and criminalization of administration”.

Stressing that the BJP is interested in securing India’s eastern borders, which have been transformed into “transit points for terrorists”, he said infiltration not only threatens national security but also harms the country’s economy as locals now have to compete with illegal immigrants for work. .

Rejecting allegations that “communal polarization has given rise to ugly heads in Bengal” with the BJP’s growth in the state, the veteran saffron camp leader said the TMC’s complacency politics was for the rise of identity politics and his party once blamed it. By voting for power, this practice will come to an end.

Asked if there was a rift between the old-timers and the new ones over ticket distribution, he said everyone on the team had to abide by the rules given by the top fathers.

“During the last assembly elections, we had a hard time finding suitable candidates for 294 seats. But this time there were about 5,000 candidates. Thank you, everything is under control.

“We’ve talked to all the workers, and they’re coming back as parties. We’re a disciplined party, but we practice democracy and everyone has the right to express an opinion,” he said.

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