Union Minister Atwale has called for a caste-based census

PALGHAR: Union Minister Ramdas Atwale has called for a nation-based census in the country, but said his demand was not the rise of racism.

On Saturday, the state minister for social justice and empowerment for tribals in Bikramgarh in Maharashtra’s Palghar district also demanded the protection of Marathas without any hassle for other castes and communities.

The Supreme Court last year stayed the implementation of the 2018 Maharashtra law on granting reservations to Marathas in education and employment but made it clear that the status of those who took advantage would not be disrupted.

The head of the Republican Party of India (RPI) said, “The next census should also include information on different races so that people know where they stand in the total population. It is not intended to raise racism,” said the head of the Republican Party of India (RPI).

He added that his party, which has no source of income, would launch an all-India movement on February 25 at various state and district headquarters to enable them to make a living.

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