West Bengal BJP MP Locket Chatterjee’s paint with ‘harmful chemicals’

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Locket Chatterjee has alleged that ‘harmful chemicals’ were added to his paint as he cast his ballot in the first phase of the state assembly polls at a function in Hooghly, West Bengal on Saturday.

Chatterjee told reporters, “A thick object was thrown at me. When I saw 3-4 people standing around wearing TMC badges to see who I was looking at, they did it.”

Chatterjee is contesting the state assembly elections from Chinsurah assembly seat Hooghly district.

BJP Bengal shared a clip on Twitter. The BJP has alleged that the Trinamool Congress “thugs” carried out the attack.

“TMC goons led by Kodalia No. 2 GP chief Bidyut Biswas attacked BJP candidate Locket Chatterjee from Chinsurah assembly,” their caption read.

“The ‘game’ of hate, violence and harassment will soon be over. This cowardly ‘game’ of harassing women is motivated by fear of defeat!”

Here is the video:

Chatterjee said he was campaigning in Kodalia where he came to a Holi ceremony. “It was a beautiful event where women and children were singing,” he said.

“I went to them after they called me. They said they wanted to play Holi with me, but because of Corona, I advised them to just put a dot with the color. Among them, two men standing in front of the women said, We will definitely color you. I thought they were part of this team, “said Locket Chatterjee.

He said the two men had left, adding a moment later a thick material had been thrown at his face.

Locket Chatterjee said his glasses helped prevent some thick objects from leaking out of his eyes, but some of them caused extreme irritation in his right eye.

Chatterjee added, “When I looked at who was throwing at me, I saw three men standing away wearing grassroots badges. I realized they were throwing at me.”

An estimated .9,799% of the electorate has completed the first phase of the West Bengal Assembly elections on Saturday.

Purulia and Jhargram districts went to the polls to determine the fate of 191 candidates, including 30 women from all the assembly constituencies and partially from Bankura, East Midnapore and West Midnapore, including 21 women.

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