What the BJP promised in the Bengal Manifesto

Entitled ‘Sonar Bangla Sankalp Patra 2021’, the BJP’s election manifesto for the West Bengal Assembly elections has touched almost every aspect, with CM Banerjee’s 10 ‘Ongikars’ trying to compete.

“KG to PG” promises free education, 33% quota in government jobs, free travel on public transport for women, strict enforcement of new citizenship laws, and Under the guise of three lakh accidents for farmers, the BJP on Sunday released its election manifesto for Bengal.

Welcoming CM Bandyopadhyay, in an explicit attempt to counter the ruling TMC’s slogan “Bangla Nizar Make Chai” (Bengal wants its own daughter), Shah emphasized on women’s welfare as well as promised employment and social security.

BJP’s pledge for West Bengal:

1) The CAA will be implemented at the first cabinet meeting

2) Clean drinking water for everyone

3) Free public transport for women

4) Mahishya, Tili and other Hindu OBCs will be included under the reserved status.

5) 10,000 financial assistance to refugees for the next five years

6) Dad, get dalpatis 3,000 monthly pension

)) Pension of widows will be increased 3,000

8) CCTV surveillance, time boundary fence to end intrusion

9) The State Government will make every effort to get Bangla as an official language


1) The benefits of Ayushman Bharat among all will be increased in the first cabinet meeting

2) Three new Ames in West Bengal (North Bengal, Jungle Mahal and Sundarbans)

3) 10,000 crore Kadambini Ganguly Health Fund will be created

Education and employment:

1) 33% reservation of women in government service

2) If the BJP votes in power, the Seventh Pay Commission will be implemented

3) There is no school fee for girls from KG to PG in government schools

4) Bengali will be made compulsory in school education till 10th class

5) Engineering and medical courses should be made available in Bengali

)) Financial assistance will be provided for the education of Dalit, Indigenous girls

)) At least one member of each family for the job

8) 350 / day wage for tea garden workers


1) 16,000 without any “cut money” for farmers under Prime Minister Kisan

2) ,000 6,000 a year for fishermen

3) Intervention fund of Rs.5000 crore to ensure fair price of farm produce

4) Farmer Protection Fund 20,000 crore

5) You have to upgrade to Kisan Credit Card

6) Insurance for fishermen Three lakh rupees

)) Loans will be given to MSMEs 10 lakh rupees


1) Tagore Award and Satyajit Ray International Award

2) Sonar Bangla Fund Value 11,000 crore for the promotion of art and literature

3) Netaji Bose BPO in each block

4) There is no obstacle in the way of celebrating Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja


1) Investigation of allegations of corruption in Amphan and other disasters

2) Anti-Corruption Helpline within CMO (Chief Minister’s Office)

3) SIT to investigate corruption, communal / political violence

4) 25 lakh rupees for each family who lost a member in political violence

5) Task Force on Combating Arms Recovery, Drug Trafficking, Land Acquisition, Counterfeit Currency, Cattle Trafficking

6) No more charges 100-500 for SC / ST caste certificate in Bengali; Digitization of the process


1) Development of Bagdogra International Airport

2) Proposal of Netaji Expressway between Kolkata and Siliguri

3) Nine tourist circuits will be set up in Bengal

4) Until 50 lakh loan for hospital sector (interest free for three years)

Earlier on Wednesday, Banerjee had announced in a TMC manifesto that 49% of female voters had tried to reach out to women with the promise that they would get a female guardian for every ordinary family. 500 per month, when the amount will be 1000 for SC / ST / OBC families

He announced a monthly pension 1,000 to widows over 18 years of age

“Since the formation of the government, we have assisted millions of widows, senior citizens and specially able people through financial assistance. For the first time, every family in Bengal will be given a minimum basic income. The benefits will be transferred directly to the head of a family,” Banerjee said.

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