WhatsApp was down for 50 minutes last night, but development in Bengal has been around for 50 years: Modi in Bengal

Speaking at an election rally in Kharagpur, West Bengal, on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised “Ashol Poribordan (real change)” in the state.

The Prime Minister said, “Congress, TMC, the Left have a Bengali opportunity. If you give a chance to the BJP this time, we will show you what Ashley Poriborton (the real change) looks like.”

Prime Minister Modi further said, “The turnout in Bengal shows that the BJP is coming to power in the state this time. It is a matter of my honor that you have come to bless the BJP in such large numbers. Will be the government).

Condemning the TMC, the Congress and the Left parties for stifling Bengal’s development for decades, Prime Minister Modi said, “You must be aware that last night WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were down for 50-55 minutes, everyone was worried. But in Bengali , Development and dreams have been declining for 50-55 years. “

“You have seen the destruction by the Congress and the Left. The TMC has ruined your dream. In the last 70 years you gave everyone a chance but gave us 5 years. We will liberate the Bengalis from the destruction of Bengal. .

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